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Dual Language Immersion Program

Dual Language/Immersion classes are an exciting option for parents who want their children to have the advantage of a rigorous academic program while also learning a second language. The language instituted in all of our dual language/immersion classes is Spanish. Language immersion programs have been thoroughly studied and present a comprehensive body of research that demonstrates significant benefits for our students. You can review the information documents and/or contact Principal Ginger Carey at [email protected] if you are interested.


STUDENT ENROLLMENT BEGINS JANUARY 9TH 2023 FOR THE 2023-2024 SCHOOL YEAR. An application and memorandum of understanding will need to be completed, signed, and sent to Ms. Carey to put your child's name on the waiting list. When the district opens up Kindergarten enrollment (sometime typically in April), you will need to register your child for kindergarten. In May, you will be contacted by the school office staff if your child has been selected for the Dual Language program.


Memorandum of Understanding

Nash County Public Schools Dual Language/Immersion (DL/I)


As parent(s) / guardian(s) of the student                          , I / we understand the following as they relate to the DL/I Program at               

Elementary School.


Program Parameters

  • Enrollment in the DL/I program should be a commitment of three years. (Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd)

    • DL/I programs are NOT at all Nash County Elementary Schools.

  • Students who remain in the DL/I program will remain with the same cohort of classmates throughout elementary.

  • It is the responsibility of the NCPS District and Principals to ensure that teachers of our DL/I classrooms are bilingual (Spanish/English) and are highly qualified to instruct in the DL/I setting.

  • The North Carolina Standard Course of Study determines concepts directly taught in classes. The target language of Spanish is not directly taught. Spanish is learned as concepts of the NCSCoS are taught and learned using the Spanish language.

  • During the kindergarten and first grade years, students will experience immersion in the target language of Spanish for 90% of the school day.

    • Students will have homework that requires them to read and write in Spanish.

    • In addition to Spanish-based homework, it is beneficial for students to continue reading with parents in English in the home. (Much vocabulary in Spanish and English are closely related)

    • The concepts taught in the core subjects of math, science, and social studies, in most instances, will be the same as the concepts of English-only instruction, however, these concepts will be taught in Spanish and may follow a different sequence.

  • During the kindergarten and first grade years, students will be assessed using assessments in the Spanish language.


  • Intense English Language Arts instruction, for a minimum of 60 minutes per day, will begin in second grade.

    • Typically, students transfer concepts learned in Spanish to English very rapidly.

  • After first grade, English will be introduced in the dual language format following the percent of Spanish to English below:

    • 2nd grade – 70% Spanish/30% English

    • 3rd Grade – 50/50

    • 4th Grade – 50/50

    • 5th Grade – 50/50

      Benefits of Long-Term DL/I:

  • Typically, a child who remains in the DL/I program throughout elementary will enter middle school with age-appropriate, proficient fluency in English and Spanish in all four communication domains of Listening Comprehension, Speaking, Reading, and Writing

  • Per multi-year research studies, typically, a child who remains in the DL/I program throughout elementary will enter middle school performing at higher academic levels in both reading and math (as measured by NC End-of-Grade assessments administered in English)

  • There are multiple, long-term cognitive benefits to individuals who are bilingual and bi- literate.


I/ We have read and understand the information contained in this Memorandum of Understanding and agree to enroll the above-named child in the NCPS Dual Language/Immersion Program.



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